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   LZL Construction came into existence in the dank boiler room of an apartment building in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The year was 1992. Drip coffee was still pretty normal; cell phones were not. Seattle had become the temporary epicenter of the musical world through the advent of an entirely new sub-genre of rock and roll: Grunge. Across the lake in Bellevue, Microsoft was just beginning to introduce Windows 3.1 to the world, and up in Everett, Boeing was in the early stages of rolling out their new jet airliner: the 777. Inconspicuous and humble by comparison, LZL Construction forged their unique identity during the early nineties and became a perennial fixture of the greater Seattle area construction scene and quickly evolved out of their boiler-room office into their permanent home in Bothell, where they are to this day.

   LZL Construction has endured and thrived through the sometimes-turbulent times of the last three decades by reliably remodeling, renovating and restoring innumerable old homes, churches, schools and tenant spaces. LZL has earned its reputation by employing classic traditional craftsmanship and adherence to the best building practices. By working on a wide spectrum of project types, LZL Construction has developed a profile steeped in versatility. While cutting edge tech is native when talking about computers and airplanes, LZL has kept up to speed with all of the newest innovations and construction technologies and merged them with the core means and methods utilized for generations in standard construction.

   LZL Construction has acquired and maintained its place amongst the top builders of the region by being nimble, adaptable and responsible. A small company from the start, the simple management structure lends itself to personal attention and service that allows for a customer to easily collaborate in the realization of a building project. Having an in-house design team further allows LZL to tailor its services to clients who don't have an architect or interior designer and would rather be in direct control of their project. 

   Though LZL's inception coincided with an era of burgeoning growth and change in the Puget Sound region, LZL has kept its small company ideals and remains accessible and user-friendly. Small enough to remodel a bathroom but big enough to construct large custom homes, LZL's experienced team tackles projects of all shapes and sizes in iconic fashion.....even though we're not icons.

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